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Many of our customers don't have a lot of experience booking bands. You might have a planner who can help you with the common questions, but if not, we hope this helps.

   Q: What kind of band is ATL GROOVE FACTORY?  A: ATL GROOVE FACTORY is a special event and party band that offers incredible customer service along with providing the best party experience ever. ATL GROOVE FACTORY plays a huge variety of music that pleases all ages and tastes but NO CHEESE!

  Q: What do you play? A: Every kind of great party music you can imagine, all done in good taste and custom tailored to your event.

  Q: Describe a typical event. A: No two are alike. ATL GROOVE FACTORY can start soft and easy with "Yacht Rock" or jump-start the party with Motown or today’s hottest hits. With female and male vocalists , no type of popular music is out of reach. ATL GROOVE FACTORY does what it takes to make your party a success and the planner a hero!

  Q: How does ATL GROOVE FACTORY prepare for our party? A: ATL GROOVE FACTORY starts planning as soon as we know you have secured the band. You will receive an E-mail letting you know exactly what we need from you as well as some helpful direction on getting started. We will go over all the details and be prepared to party several weeks before your event. Set up time, band attire, all announcements, your program, special requests, schedule for the event and every detail will be planned. PLEASE PUT THE DATE IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF ANY COMMUNICATION REGARDING YOUR EVENT. We sweat the details so your event is smooth, seamless and above all, fun! See our video about song selection here

  Q: There’s lot of good bands, Why pick ATL GROOVE FACTORY? A: ATL GROOVE FACTORY are total professionals that play everything you might want and draws the crowd into the party. ATL GROOVE FACTORY emcees the party and keeps everyone engaged. ATL GROOVE FACTORY handles both the music and the business with equal skill. Our music is refreshingly cheese-free.

  Q: How do I book you? A: Contact your favorite booking agency, or your favorite event planner. Or use our contact page to contact us directly.

  Q: Can you work with my planner and venue? A: ATL GROOVE FACTORY loves working with planners and has the flexibility to work in almost any venue. PLEASE PUT THE DATE IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF ANY COMMUNICATION REGARDING YOUR EVENT

  Q: What if I need more? A: Extra sets, a DJ, a trio for cocktail music a pianist for dinner music and additional musicians are all available at less than market rates, when booked along with an ATL GROOVE FACTORY performance.

  Q: What about breaks? A: ATL GROOVE FACTORY likes to play continuously but will schedules breaks as required, usually during meal service and during your program or toasts.

  Q: I'm excited that I booked your band and my event is in six months. Should I start planning details now? A: Not quite yet. Parties change a lot during the months leading up to the big date so we will contact you about one month before, when your plans have gelled.

  Q: Should I give ATL GROOVE FACTORY a play list or a don't-play list for my event? A: We welcome your input on the demographics of your crowd and the types of music you think the audience will like. We also want to hear about any special requests, first dance, etc. We do not need a play list though. Songs are the "tools" of our job and just like you would not tell a plumber which tools to use, it's best to let us read your crowd and pick the songs that will make the party a success. Ultimately, a successful event is your goal. If there are some particular songs you don't like, we suggest you make them "do not play unless specifically requested".

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