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David from wedding reception Charleston-

They were outstanding in every way. I probably had 30-50 people tell me that they were the best band they’d ever danced to. They kept the dance floor packed the whole time. Sounded great and we loved their playlist. They were on time and well organized. I would highly recommend them and hope to come up with some excuse for another party in the future!


Sally from corporate party Atlanta-

You guys were phenomenal and can put on a show! Seriously! To the point that everyone on the dance floor quit dancing JUST to watch you perform song , after song , after song . Even when you were done saying "thank you and good night", the whole room chanted for an encore. So you performed for another 30 minutes!


Rich from Wedding Reception, Baltimore MD

Absolutely the best band and vocalists. Best wedding band I’ve seen. Thank you for no chicken dance! Ha! A beautiful event all around!


Meridith from Charity Gala, Orlando-

You all were SO impressive! Thank you for making a fun night so much more fun.


Thompson from wedding reception, Memphis-

You guys were amazing tonight! All of the wedding guests enjoyed your band!


Tracey who saw us at a wedding reception, Atlanta-

We were at this wedding last night, you guys were unreal! It was a joy to watch you perform and make the wedding very personal. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!


MOB from wedding reception, Savannah-

BEST Wedding Band I have ever heard. I'm 64 years young and was soaked in sweat by the time you stopped playing at the wedding of Will and Martha Ann this past weekend. Phenomenal show! Incredible musicians! Super talented singers who can dance, too! You put on a total show and you involved the wedding party and the couple. Outstanding!! I would become a groupie and follow you to every wedding if I could!

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